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Manpower Outsourcing

Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing

Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing

Having the top talent is a business competitive advantage in today’s demanding and complex business world. Human Resource is an important assess and because the success of business relies upon talent, acquiring the most qualified people is increasingly competitive.

In order to win, organizations need to acquire talent and expertise in implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies.

That’s why our clients have turned to Agility Group for Recruitment and Manpower Outsourcing .We deliver them around the world through standardized process and wide networks of partners throughout the world, leveraging our global experience to deliver regional Recruitment and Manpower Outsourcing expertise.

Why Agility’s Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing Solutions?

Professional Recruiters

No two companies are ever alike. That’s why with our professional recruiters deep understanding of your organization, talent requisition process and the job skills necessary for success, we use proven sourcing strategies to identify where the talent is and how best to attract them. Our experience and expertise accelerates the acquisition of the right talent for you.

Innovative Approach

Based on Agility’s extensive thought leadership and unique perspective on the world of work, we bring cutting-edge insight and innovation to the way we operate, keeping our clients ahead of the competitive curve.

Customized Solutions

Our Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing process starts with our clients’ goals. It’s a fully collaborative approach with us understanding your company goals, objective, and competitive edge, as well as your IT environment. We fully align to your corporate culture, business strategy and talent needs.

Global Reach. Local Expertise.

Backed by the world’s largest footprint and dedicated recruiting centers and our partner network, we have a deep understanding of each local market in which we serve and leverage our global network to meet your workforce needs anywhere around the world.


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Professionals Recruitment Outsourcing

You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.

- Arte Nathan, Wynn Las Vegas

Professional Recruitment Outsourcing

Professional Recruitment Services

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

At Agility, we know that the talent and skillets required differs across job roles, skills and geographies and we have the people, research and experience to find those critical hires locally and globally.

Our recruiters has multi-year experiences in the industry and have access to innovative technology, techniques and market information. They embrace the responsibility of being a partner of your employer brand and ensure it is always presented in the most positive light. We customize our solutions to meet your unique needs.

Candidate Sourcing

We deliver the most comprehensive sourcing technique in the industry—meaning your best candidate just got a lot easier to find. Our thorough background analysis identifies who else is hiring the same position, the best places to find the candidates and  the best methods  to attract them. You get the best candidates when you need them.

Background Screening and Assessment

Agility has hands-on experience in the practical application of candidate assessment tools, from web-based and industry-standard to client-customized and in-person. We recommend and deliver the assessments that will best serve to predict candidates’ on-the-job success.

The Hiring

How you engage top talent throughout the whole hiring process, including offer extension, is critical to securing that talent for your organization. Our recruiters will manage your candidates and your offers with an effective, positive and professional hiring process. Candidates encounter a consistent “high-touch” experience that reflects favorably on your brand.


The first 90 days are critical to new employees’ success in your organization. We’ll align the candidate with the corporate culture and ensure you have the best investment return on the entire recruitment process

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Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.

- Agility Technology

Manpower Outsourcing Services

Manpower Outsourcing

At Agility, we start off our manpower outsourcing services with indepth understanding of client’s IT environment, ITIL process, Helpdesk procedure and Support Structure to support the man power outsourcing services.

Having the best talent is a competitive advantage in today’s demanding and complex world. Because the success of business relies upon talent, acquiring the most qualified people is increasingly competitive. To win, organizations need expertise in implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies.


That’s why companies have turned to Manpower Outsourcing Solutions. We provide flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding to find the talent you need. Built upon our deep recruitment expertise and based on rigorous processes, our innovative approach ensures the results you need – greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience and, more importantly, improved talent quality.


Manpower Skillset

Our Infrastructure manpower skillset include, but not limited to, major operating system such as IBM Aix, Unit, Linux and Microsoft Windows Server System engineer, System Administrator and Infrastructure Architect and Support staff.

Our Software manpower skillset includes, but not limited to, SAP R/3, SAP All-in-One, SAP B1, Oracle Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM, as well as Salesforce CRM. The manpower skill range from Project Manager, Application Consultants, Database Administrator, and Developers / programmers. 

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Oracle Business Solutions

Oracle Business Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP

Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM